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St Erth Heliport Proposals Submitted

posted Oct 31, 2011, 8:04 PM by Richard Cliffe

You can find details BIH’s proposals for a new Heliport at St Erth under planning application PA11/07713 on the Cornwall Council online planning register.  There is already a concerted campaign underway by objectors.  One can understand why residents in Cannons Town are unhappy, particularly those next to railway line and close to landing site,  but the centre of St Erth is 1.0 km from the proposed site – Britons Hill Penzance is a similar distance from the current Heliport and that has hardly become a no go zone with blighted house prices.   Given that Lands End Airport is closed off to BIH there is strong logic to locating the new heliport at the St Erth site given its proximity to the A30 and a main line railway station.  It is a vitally important link for the IOS given the greater vulnerability of the fixed wing Skybus service to disruption by bad weather.    Islanders need your support so please comment if you have a mind to.   

Planning application and papers:


To file comments online go to:

http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/ and search for PA11/07713.

To write to the Planning Officer: 

Email Peter.Bainbridge@cornwall.gov.uk (Ref: “BIH St Erth application PA11/07713”)

Note:  As stated previously, BIH had no choice but to sell Penzance Heliport because the site was mortgaged to the Bank of Ireland to secure various loans.  It was a case of BIH selling the site or risk the Bank of Ireland exercising its right to do so thereby closing down BIH. The issue now is whether there is an economic future in continuing the service (hence concern over Air Passenger Duty proposals )and a heliport in West Cornwall to operate from?