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South Pier regraded as Listed Building "2 star"

posted Jun 29, 2010, 9:41 AM by Richard Cliffe

The Secretary of State has reportedly approved English Heritage's request to upgrade the Listed Building status of Penzance Harbour (South Pier)  from 'Grade 2' to 'Grade 2 star'.  Whilst many is the Penzance will consider it an inconsequential matter, there is a high risk that five centuries of constant adaptation of the Harbour to suit local needs is coming to an end with South Pier becoming an untouchable 2 star monument to its own past.  Many in Penzance would prefer to see investment in the Harbour so it continues to contribute to the Town's prosperity and unique character.  Those with interests in the Barbican will also be concerned that regrading may delay any action to improve sea defences.


From a Central Government perspective, English Heritage's regrading provides an additional justification for  'culling' Option A  - a necessary but controversial and expensive project.  Any new project would take at least 3 years to plan and approve with Penzance Harbour a more difficult and expensive option than in the past with its new Listed Building status.

There is no opportunity to appeal the decision and English Heritage is under no obligation to consult the local community affected by its decisions. See link to FoPH website below: