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Rebuttal of MP’s claims about Option A

posted Aug 24, 2010, 5:43 PM by Richard Cliffe   [ updated Aug 28, 2010, 12:54 PM ]

Andrew George MP made a number of claims in his comments about Listed Building Consent being granted for the Penzance Harbour component of the IOS Ferry Link project.  The notes and links below allow those interested to form their own opinion:

“Most expensive”. 

Hyder Consulting produced the “Penzance Harbour Options Report in January 2004 (click here) which explored 14 options that ranged in cost from £5.2m to £57.6m.  The scheme put forward in July 2004 contained elements of several solutions and was costed at £9.55m – clearly not the most expensive option.

Our MP may be referring to Option C, a more recent option proposed by objectors which involved an out-of-town freight centre.   This option was estimated to be £213K less expensive to build than Option A but unsurprisingly more expensive to operate.  Option C is not a cheaper option when the additional operating costs are added. See Red Funnel Ferries detailed analysis here (Appendix D page 89 onward) of the extra cost. 


“Most damaging to Penzance’s heritage”. 

There is inevitably a subjective element in selecting the most damaging option.  However a number of options in the Penzance Harbour Options Report  (Fig 12, 13, 14 and 15) are certainly candidates for the “most damaging” option (click here and scroll through document).


Does the most to undermine the economic regeneration of the Harbour area”

There is also a subjective element in selecting the most damaging option for Penzance regeneration.  Click here for AECOM maps of  Penzance regeneration and click on “Exhibition – Page 4” for  the “Harbour & Barbican” map which shows the reclaimed area (ferry terminal/freight area) at No 3 on map).  You can then make your own mind up whether Option A does most to undermine economic regeneration).  Consider also Option Pz which placed the freight and passenger terminal where the Meadery and Penwith Marine are today.


“During the seven years of this project the Steamship Company has strengthened its commercial position and, I suspect, would continue to run a ferry service between Penzance and the Isles of Scilly whatever happens to this scheme.

The IOSSC Chairman’s statement dated 14 Jan 10 is on record.  A copy of the statement is at page 29 of Cornwall Council Special Cabinet papers for the 25 Jan 10 Cabinet Meeting to be found here 


“It is a pity that those who have sought to achieve their ends through bullying and intimidation are, perhaps, unintentionally bolstered by the Secretary of State’s decision.

Bullying and intimidation have been hallmarks of the FofPH campaign as has audacious mis-representation of the facts.   The evidence is well documented.  These are not tactics that organizations supporting the plans have endorsed or used.  Objectors may now be feeling harassed and isolated but that is a consequence of their own actions or the actions of FofPH which from the outset alienated many people in Penzance with its claim to represent them and boycott businesses that supported their views (Mr Cartwrights letter published 15 Oct 09 in The Cornishman).