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Penzance Town Council vote against Option A

posted Mar 5, 2010, 1:49 PM by Richard Cliffe

The Town Council voted 9 to 3 against supporting listed building consent for Option A at their meeting on 1 Mar 10.


For - Cllrs Lovegrove, Nebesnuick and Rendle

Abstention - Cllr Williams (Cornwall Council member)

Against - Cllrs Moreland, Ruhrmund, Freeman, White, Mann, Peters, Parkin, Dennis and Axford.





You have to be disappointed when the Town Council cannot support this important project.  They were told it was Option A or Falmouth.  One has to assume they know better than the SWRDA who funded the projected partly because of the concern that the ferry would need to move to a larger port due to lack of adequate facilities at Penzance (stated in their 17 Apr 09 letter supporting the project). 


The Councillors actions has echos of that past masterpiece of political leadership – the decision that the University Campus should not come to Penzance.  This may prove to be an even greater error.


You have to wonder who the Councillors think they represent?