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MP calls for “Coalition of the Willing”.

posted Apr 4, 2011, 10:13 AM by Richard Cliffe

From: SW Business News  4 Apr 2011.

See http://www.businesscornwall.co.uk/news-by-industry/public-sector-news-categories/mp-calls-for-coalition-of-the-willing for full story.

“Local MP Andrew George has called for a “coalition of the willing” to rescue the Isles of Scilly Ferry project” …... George explained that he was keen to hear from any other organisation or individual who believed that they could make a positive contribution.  The private meeting will take place on Thursday in Penzance”.



 Andrew GeorgeMP is the last person in the World to chair any meeting on the future of the Isles of Scilly Ferry Link Project.  Barring the Steamship Company with their secret agenda and the spokesman for FofPzH, nobody did more to sink the Ferry Project.  But for his unnecessary and improper meddling in the local planning process prior to the Dec 09 planning meeting the project could have been approved and the project largely built by now.  Instead his actions, and the actions of others, have added millions of pounds of extra costs and resulted in the delivery of zero for Islanders and Penzance residents.  Does his hypocrisy have no limit!

It is for the Islanders to decide the way ahead.  It is their sea link and their vital interests at stake.