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Last chance to comment on Sainsburys/BIH Plans

posted Oct 12, 2011, 2:36 PM by Richard Cliffe

For anybody interested in the survival of BIH then the Sainsbury’s planning application to build on Penzance Heliport is important.  If in doubt ask an Islander.  The decision will be taken on 20 Oct.  If you want to add your support there is still time because although Councillors on the Strategic Planning Committee will have received their document pack for the meeting the Planning Officer provides an update on the day of the meeting giving final figures on representations from the public.

The document pack can be found here:  http://democracy.cornwall.gov.uk/mgConvert2PDF.aspx?ID=36160

 At this stage the most effective methods for adding your support are:

 -   Registering with the online Planning Register and then filing a comment.

Go to    http://planning.cornwall.gov.uk/online-applications/  (search for PA10/08714)

 -   Sending an email (in a letter format) to   Peter.Bainbridge@cornwall.gov.uk   quoting Sainsburys Penzance  Reference  PA10/08714                      

 -   Visit the Sainsburys Penzance supporters website and file a supportive comment at  http://www.sainsburys-penzance.co.uk/say-yes.php .

Whilst the granting of planning permission does not guarantee the IoS link in the future, failure to gain planning permission will quickly see BIH operations end.  This is because the site is mortgaged, along with all other Company property assets, to the Bank of Ireland to secure multi-million pound loans.  The Company needs to sell assets to cover these loans which are falling due for repayment this year and over the next 3 years.  They also need capital to invest in new helicopters.

Very few people want to see Penzance Heliport close but a sale to Sainsburys with a reasonable chance of a new Heliport at St Erth is so much better than the alternative(s).

Some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the sale to Sainsburys are attached.

Dick Cliffe





Richard Cliffe,
Oct 12, 2011, 2:36 PM