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Facebook Campaign exceeds 4000 supporters

posted Oct 10, 2010, 9:39 AM by Richard Cliffe
The Facebook campaign started by the Future Penzance group in February 2010 to demonstrate support for Option A (the Penzance Harbour component of the IOS Ferry Link Project) now has 4018 supporters (it was 3650 at the time of the last planning meeting on 8 Mar 10.  The site also records the 124 businesses that support the project (113 in Mar 2010).

There are also the 2500 names on the paper petition handed in to Cornwall Council prior to the 8 Mar 10 planning meeting.  These signatories include many older residents who are not Facebook users and residents of all ages who do not have regular access to a computer and are not therefore Facebook users.  The petition can be viewed here (scroll to bottom of page and open “Petition” (in three parts).  The letters of support for the planning application/Listed Building Consent (nearly 800 in favour) are also listed in amongst letters opposing the application.

Whilst objectors claim the overwhelming majority of Penzance residents object to the proposed plans the evidence does not remotely support this claim.  The evidence suggests that a large majority of Penzance residents support this project.  We would claim there is overwhelming support for the project in West Cornwall & IOS as a whole where it is seen a strategically essential project with serious ramifications for the area if it does not go ahead.