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Converservative Parliamentary candidate supports Option A

posted Jan 30, 2010, 9:42 AM by Richard Cliffe
True Friends of Penzance & IoS were in the Wharfside Shopping Centre today (Sat 30 Jan)  collecting signatures for the petition in support for Option A.  Once again they had a great deal of support with people coming up to canvassers to sign rather than having to be asked. Total signatures had not been counted when this post was prepared but the total now exceeds 1700 signatures.

The canvassers were delighted to have Converservative Parliamentary Candidate Derek Thomas in the Wharfside Shopping Centre with them for several hours. Derek Thomas took the oportunity to discuss the Harbour issue and other issues with shoppers.  It was pleasing to see a prospective Parliamentary representative actually asking the people concerned what they though about the matter. 

True Friends asked Derek Thomas if we could quote his position on the Harbour issue and he said "I've always supported Option A - the Harbour area is the Town's shop front and it needs investment".