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Air of unreality surrounds MP's struggle to find Option Pz

posted Feb 4, 2010, 5:15 AM by Richard Cliffe   [ updated Feb 4, 2010, 5:40 AM ]
An air of unreality surrounds the efforts of our MP and FOPH in their efforts to find an alternative to solve the MP's riddle "it is Option A or Falmouth or X - what is X".  Option X has not been rebranded Option Pz.  Whilst our MP is to be congratulated on his inclusive approach and firm control of meetings on 1 & 2 Feb, the problem he seeks to solve is of his own making.  Having jumped 'off the fence'  and sided with the objectors when the Planning Committee refused Option A, he now finds himself in a predictable bind - those that say no to Option A do not necessarily have a credible alternative let alone one they could all agree upon.  Those of us who recognize that the Council has already trodden this path several times and finally homed in on Option A are not faced by this dilemma.

As your editor cum webmaster digs ever deeper into the Penzance Harbour planning labyrinth he becomes ever more aware of just how difficult this planning issue is and how selective the debate has been.  A matter brushed aside in the public discussion of Harbour plans is the absolute need to do something to reduce overtopping in the Barbican area and along South Pier.  If the wall cannot be touched then it appears rock armour will be necessary.  There will not be much of Battery Rocks beach left once rock armour is in place.  So, to stop building on Battery Rocks beach we endanger a project vital to the Town's wellbeing only then to have to pile rock armour on the beach to make good the sea defences lost with Option A.  It sounds like lunacy.