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Protesters blame "inflexible approach" for ferry link delay

posted Feb 15, 2011, 1:38 PM by Richard Cliffe

GOVERNMENT delays in making a final decision over the £62 million Scilly Link project can be put down to the inflexible approach of Cornwall Council and the Route Partnership, say protesters.

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Anybody that has followed this project closely will know that objectors have done nothing to retain their credibility with the proposals they have made or supported.  There appears to be no solution, no matter how ludicrous or implausible, that will not be proposed if it achieves the aim of delaying and eventually sinking the project.  As a consequence it his hardly surprising if, after 7 years, the Council (who inherited this poison chalice from a previous authority) have become sceptical.  Rather than being inflexible it could be argued that the Council has been weak in conceding to investigate ideas which an informed and sane person would automatically exclude.  Examples that come to mind are the second-hand twin hulled SWATH vessel  will not fit in the harbours and consumes astronomical amounts of fuel, an out of town freight handling terminal for a freight throughput of less than 38 tons a day and a passenger terminal in the old Tinity House Building on the wrong side of a very busy road and on a blind corner.

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