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Option Pz Details Released in The Cornishman

posted Feb 25, 2010, 8:40 AM by Richard Cliffe
Cornishman 25 Feb 10.

Waterside businesses in Penzance have agreed to relocate to make way for major harbour developments in the town if necessary.  Former Penzance Architect Keith Bell has proposed a 2 storey modern see through building located in the area of the Meadery and Penwith Marine with terminal facilities on the ground floor and restaurant/cafe above.  There would be freight and baggage area behind this new building.  The plan involves creating a 50 berth yatch marina in the inner harbour. 

Option Pz has drawn scorn from the Isles of Scilly Council which sees the proposal as a political manoevre to disruptand distract attention away from the Strategic Planning Committee meeting on 8 Mar 10.
Tim Dwelly, for Future Penzance, labelled the scheme Pipedream Pz and a blatant last ditch attempt to scupper Option A on 8 Mar 10. He went to state in the article "the idea we should put our faith in a cobbled together scheme which has no support from the funder s at the Council or in Whitehall is ridiculous"