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Nazi slur' councillor refuses to apologise

posted Jan 30, 2010, 9:09 PM by Richard Cliffe
Click here for Western Morning News item on the matter.

In a letter to The Cornishman, Mr Hicks accused the FOPH (Mr Maggs and 'Old Mike' ) of "arrant nonsense" and stated  "the absurd claims reminds one of the extraordinary claims by Soviet and Nazi propagandist“.  He later went on to talk of "a colossal untruth in the tradition of the infamous Dr Joseph Goebbels”.  

Mr Maggs has since called for the resignation of Coun Graeme Hicks with immediate effect, or failing this, his removal from post as a person unfit to hold public office. He has brought the entire council into disrepute which can only be mended by his removal."

In the FOPH web site post dated 28 Jan Mr Maggs states that Cllr Hicks “likens John Maggs, the group’s spokesman, to Joseph Goebbels and Mike Sagar-Fenton to a Nazi”.

Editorial Comment

It has perhaps escaped the FOPH spokesperson that by mis-representing what Cllr Hicks actually wrote he demonstrated exactly what Cllr Hicks complained about the - the brazon mis-representation of the facts in the interests of his cause.  Cllr Hicks needs the support of all True Friends to withstand demands for his resignation.  See "Our News".