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FoPH take Harbour Battle to EU Parliament

posted Jul 15, 2010, 4:41 PM by Richard Cliffe

 FofPH today presented a petition to the EU Parliament (EU Committee of Petitions) claiming that the UK Government and Cornwall Council had ridden rough shod over the wishes of local residents by pushing through IOS Ferry Link project. 

Amongst assertions made by Mr Maggs were:

-   The whole of Penzance was “overwhelmingly against” the project.

-   The proposals would create the traffic problems in Penzance Harbour (rather than alleviate them).

-    The project would create an “industrial freight facility”  in the heart of the harbour.

-    EU funds would be mis-spent on this proposal.

-    He claimed the project would damage the Promenade and Jubilee Pool.

-    He made little reference to the needs of Islanders.

-    He advocated the SWATH solution promoted by Mr Cartwright.


Mr Maggs presented his petition with the help of MEP  Keith Taylor (Green Party) ( .  Keith Taylor asked that the petition be kept open and gave 4 reasons.  It was agreed the petition be keep open until a date in September.

A commissioner spoke in response to the petition.  The main point was that planning decisions were a national matter and provided that certain EU criteria were met regarding the process the EU could not over rule the national authority.  It was pointed out that the approvals process was not complete with final approval having not been given by the UK Government.